Thursday, April 25, 2013

Summer Home DIY Construction

Wow! It's been 3 months since I started this blog and since I last posted something here. I wanted to continue writing but I had internet problems so... you know the rest.

The past few days I was so busy trying to improve our living conditions in our new house and I want to tell all of you what I did.

This task is normally done by men but since I'm the handyman in my family
and my hubby is busy working, I did this on my own.

I bought affordable materials in the attempt to copy Howard's Storage World Elfa System which I have been dreaming of having for my own home. Unfortunately, it's very expensive. So, I made my own version.

Here's the Elfa System version....
(which of course, comes from a catalogue picture that's why it looks so good and so different from my own version)

Plastic Anchors
Screw Driver
Slotted wall bars (I used 48")
Ply Boards
Electric Jigsaw
Measuring tape
Leveling tool

These are the photos I took with my phone(while doing the job).

Here are some of my tools.
First, I measured, leveled and marked my closet walls. Then....
Drill time!!!
After that, I put in the plastic Anchors.

Screw on the bars.

I did four bars to support the weight of our clothes in our 1.5-meter wide closet.

Each bar had five holes each and this task isn't for drill amateurs. 
Look what happened to me.

Sweat, Sweat, Sweat all over!

Attach brackets.


 (Hot day)
Cut the shelves.
Attach the shelves on the brackets. (Don't forget to measure!)
My temporary finished product.

(I'll leave the painting to the experts when the budget allows.)

I felt proud of myself for finishing this. 

My other project also involved drills, screws and brackets
but this time it's a fixed bracket and an expensive one.
This is my DIY study table for my daughter, Neona.

Hope you liked my new post! Stay tuned...

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