Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Falling Hair!

It's more than four (4) months since I gave birth to my baby Kael and my Hormones are taking it's toll on my hair. I've been very worried, every time I comb my hair or take a shower, I see lots of hair fall. I see clumps of hair near the shower drain, on my comb, on my pillow, on the floor, and worse, my baby keeps pulling them too. Sometimes I don't have a choice but to tie it up to a ponytail.

Last Night, I searched the internet for answers. It says that food & lifestyle can be the answer to my problem. I need fish, veggies, chicken, eggs (which  really don't like), & more foods with lots of protein and vitamin B6 and so on. So, I pledged that I'll be eating these and changing my lifestyle to take care of my hair.

It also says in that article that I need lots of sleep which is nearly impossible if you're a young mom with two (2) kids. For example, this is what my baby is doing at 11:45PM..
He's learning and trying hard to crawl.. I can let him do that in his crib but he's so noisy and he keeps on yelling, "Ha!". See?

Also, I took this photo earlier today just in case I fail myself and loose all of my hair: LOL

Please Hope and Pray that I succeed in this change. Until my next post...

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