Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Not need to be Exactly the Same

I'm a big fan of mommy and baby ternos but since my daughter Neona started to walk I haven't found a perfect pair which could fit us both.

I struggled with the fact that she doesn't want to wear anything which doesn't include PINK & PURPLE.

There were times that I saw stuff online that I like but unfortunately don't have sizes either for me or her.
There were items that looked good but I knew she wouldn't be comfortable in so she won't wear them anyway.

I also saw mommy & baby ternos at the mall but they were too pricey! Imagine Php 1299
 for mom & Php 799 for baby.. too much right?

So, when the mall was on sale I saw this cute shirt for Php 499.75 less 50% . Immediately, I grabbed my daughters size and looked for a size that would maybe fit me.. and luckily I saw size 14. haha!
I didn't expect I'd be back at the size I was when I was 15 years old but yeah! I am! (smirk)

My daughter is n avid fan of tutus and this one is her favorite.
I bought this skirt from my shop supplier and didn't dare to sell at my online shop since I fell in love with it when it arrived. haha!

So look, Ternos don't necessarily need to be all the same! 
Imagine if I was in tutus!
I'd look ridiculous!

Terno Shirts from SM: JusTees

Mom's Peplum skirt: Tickle Tags Co.
Mom Shoes: Lower East Side

Tutu Skirt: Tickle Tags Baby Co.
Baby Shoes: Airwalk for Kids

We wore this outfit on a dinner out with our family with friends of my mother in law and they liked it.
I hope you did too..

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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Cheap VS. Expensive Fashion: The Low Down

Being an online seller and an avid shopaholic I have learned a lot of things about clothing and how it affects our way of life and self image. Here's something I realized, a lot of us don't know what to buy when we shop and what to expect from the things we buy with our money's worth. So, I wanted to answer the question.
I have arranged the topics by price range so we can all be organized... :D

Root of the Product:
1. Ukay-Ukay- They are cheap, most of them are made from good quality materials since most of them come from countries who sell high quality items, if you're lucky you get the ones that are less stained and luckier if they're with tags. The downside is that if it's in good condition, its more expensive. You'll get lucky if you persevere to get the ones newly opened and if you can tolerate the smell/environment where it sells. It's an add-on if you have quick hands and eyes. Also, Ukay items tend to be a jungle of bacteria, dirt and stains, so the best way is to be prepared. Bring your money in small amounts, bring a hand sanitizer and dress appropriately. Wash them well at home too.

  • QUALITY OF WORK - Indefinite
  • STYLE - Indefinite
  • PRICE - Low
2. Locally Made (Unbranded-Philippine made) - These are the ones produced and made in factories here in the Philippines. Locals usually get from factories and sell it themselves. These are cheap but in good quality brand new products. They're cheap because the factory labor is cheap, they haven't gone through shipping and tagging and all that extra charge stuff. Sometimes materials they use are also cheap. Make sure you get items that are made of good materials, cheap but not uncomfortable.

  • STYLE - Good
  • PRICE - Low
3. Cheap -no-QC Made-in China - China is the largest manufacturing country in the world, because of very cheap labor and factories of raw materials are also in the same country. Extra Charges are gone BUT the items they ship to the Philippines are most likely to be made of low quality materials so they're even cheaper. They aren't that strict with the QC (quality control) of the products because they sell it cheap here. Their country is also nearby so most rejects are sent here. Make sure that when you buy from them you check outside to inside-out. If the material for you is OK, check the sewing lines or buttons and button holes, some of them are actually missing

One of the Good things here is that if you're looking forward to being in the trend, they're the ones updated. Why? because after they make orders for the BIG names in clothing industry, they replicate the products the best at the cheapest possible way. Be smart... buy cheaper for trends that aren't classic they tend to fade fast anyway.

  • STYLE - Very Good (most of the time)
  • PRICE - Low
4. Boutique Local Brands - the label I give to brands like Plains and Prints, Bench, Penshoppe & the like. They are made from our country so quality is good since they don't MASS-produce like China... and the QC is strict so were ensured. The price they give these products is fair since they use quality materials. The price also depends on how the stuff went from point A to point B. Tagging, labeling, packing, shipping and Store service labor are calculated to fit the price they give.
photo credits to the official photographer

  • STYLE - Very Good
  • PRICE - Slightly High
  • EXTRA CHARGES - Slightly High
5. Boutique International Brands - they are Brands like Forever21, Nine West, Guess & the like. They Mass Produce, trendy and they are in very Good quality. They are produced in highly paid factories and the design team for their products are highly paid too. That's why they have higher prices than local boutique Brands. Also, The process from point A to point B is a very long process. They are, after all, internationally shipped. Customs taxes are paid, shipping fees are paid too.

  • STYLE - Very Good
  • PRICE - High
6. Premium Brands - No question, they are the brands of all brands. They are the dream of Stylistas and favorite of the highly paid. haha! Loui Vuitton, Gucci, etc... I don't need to explain this..it's just simple. They're the bast of quality but the highest priced too.

  • QUALITY OF WORK - Very High
  • STYLE - they are the makers of style!
  • PRICE - Very High
  • EXTRA CHARGES - Very High (since they require EXTRA care)
That's the low down from they're roots.

 Now, let's go to where we buy them..

1. Mall Boutiques - They add bigger charges since they have bigger rentals, electricity bills and service bills. They also charge you for the money they spent when they made you that very attractive store display.

2. Big Business -This is where mall department stores come to be. They add charges for service, electricity and all the things that happen inside the mall.

Branded stuff prices are the same as Mall Boutiques but remember, If they have a boutique outside the department store and they have a booth inside, check both for SALEs and Discounts they sometimes differ because of management decisions.

If you're buying Brand-less products or unfamiliar brand names from the department store be wise enough to check the quality and material of the items, some of them are just tagged to brand products to set higher prices but the items are actually cheap-china made.

3. Small Business/Online Business- We can't deny that online selling is the go-to of Stay-at-home mommies and it's the Business boost for Companies that are in other cities from their buyers.

Here are some tips:

  • Please check first the sellers mode of payments---most banks charge you for depositing money to another branch. Check if the banks location differ--- you will pay for your fare to the bank. If bank #1 charges 50 pesos and is nearby that you only pay 20 pesos for the fare and back home is better than if you go to bank #2 and they don't charge anything but requires you a fare of 100 pesos just to reach them and back home. It does save you the effort and time.
  • Please check their shipping couriers --- if you buy bulk there are couriers who charge lower for the larger and there are couriers who charge flat by weight. EXAMPLE:
    •  if you buy 1 kilo or less products courier #1 charges you flat for 1 kl which is 120 pesos but if you go to courier #2, they will charge you a weight of 1 kilo x 40 pesos per kilo + 50 pesos handling fee + more fees of 50 pesos = 140 pesos. Expensive sf right? 
    • If you buy 10 kilos of items, courier #1 charges you 120 pesos for 1 kl plus 50 pesos for every additional kilo its total will be 540 pesos but if you go to courier #2 they will charge you 40 pesos per kilo + handling fee of 50 pesos + more fees of 50 pesos = 500. its cheaper at courier #2.. so check!
  • check their price compared to the quality of the product ---some china items are sold like they were from mall boutiques. OMG!! be wise people.!
  • Calculate the total of your expenses before finalizing your order --this is to avoid inconvenience in both parts-the seller and yours.

So that's it! I hope I have made sense in making this post! hihi! Shop away...

If you'd like to see my Online Store.. please click this link: Tickle Tags Co.

More of my posts soon... :)

Friday, July 12, 2013

Back to basics with Mudra

Last weekend my Mom and I took this seminar on photography, "CANON PhotoSkwela", at SM City General Santos.

I was excited! It was something I have been waiting for.

I knew the basics in handling the camera since my husband is/was a photographer but we don't get chances to practice it since he decided to go to another field of interest but I wanted to review it for a greater benefit. Like this blogging thingy, or my Online shop photos or even just our own memorabilia.

It was also a chance for me to bond with my mother and a chance for her to learn the basics so she can get more out of her camera. And the BEST part is... it's FREE!!! hahaha!!!

I haven't handled the camera for a long time so apologies for the bad photos...

Here's Mr. Ibarra Deri showing us how to prperly pose models for portraiture.

Him again teaching us how to pose couples.. (this was a very awkward moment for these two)

Him showing us lighting techniques.

Handy DIY Diffuser

On set lighting techniques
Mr. Ibarra Deri showing us how to use a modified Soft Box.

Mom & me with Mr. Ibarra Deri
One of the Models, Ms. Maureen Elvy Paulo

My mom and me with Another Speaker, Mr. Jo Avila

Him showing us a sample of a food photography angle.

his shot.
 Aside from reviewing the basics, I also learned a lo from both of the speakers.

There were Four(4) Topics;
Basics of Photography,
Portraiture Photography,
Food Photography &
Speed-light Photography

This was quite an experience & my mom now has and idea of how to use her DSLR...

Well, I hope you liked this blog post! TAtaaaaa......(minion style)