Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Not need to be Exactly the Same

I'm a big fan of mommy and baby ternos but since my daughter Neona started to walk I haven't found a perfect pair which could fit us both.

I struggled with the fact that she doesn't want to wear anything which doesn't include PINK & PURPLE.

There were times that I saw stuff online that I like but unfortunately don't have sizes either for me or her.
There were items that looked good but I knew she wouldn't be comfortable in so she won't wear them anyway.

I also saw mommy & baby ternos at the mall but they were too pricey! Imagine Php 1299
 for mom & Php 799 for baby.. too much right?

So, when the mall was on sale I saw this cute shirt for Php 499.75 less 50% . Immediately, I grabbed my daughters size and looked for a size that would maybe fit me.. and luckily I saw size 14. haha!
I didn't expect I'd be back at the size I was when I was 15 years old but yeah! I am! (smirk)

My daughter is n avid fan of tutus and this one is her favorite.
I bought this skirt from my shop supplier and didn't dare to sell at my online shop since I fell in love with it when it arrived. haha!

So look, Ternos don't necessarily need to be all the same! 
Imagine if I was in tutus!
I'd look ridiculous!

Terno Shirts from SM: JusTees

Mom's Peplum skirt: Tickle Tags Co.
Mom Shoes: Lower East Side

Tutu Skirt: Tickle Tags Baby Co.
Baby Shoes: Airwalk for Kids

We wore this outfit on a dinner out with our family with friends of my mother in law and they liked it.
I hope you did too..

Leave a comment, we'd really appreciate it!

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