Friday, July 12, 2013

Back to basics with Mudra

Last weekend my Mom and I took this seminar on photography, "CANON PhotoSkwela", at SM City General Santos.

I was excited! It was something I have been waiting for.

I knew the basics in handling the camera since my husband is/was a photographer but we don't get chances to practice it since he decided to go to another field of interest but I wanted to review it for a greater benefit. Like this blogging thingy, or my Online shop photos or even just our own memorabilia.

It was also a chance for me to bond with my mother and a chance for her to learn the basics so she can get more out of her camera. And the BEST part is... it's FREE!!! hahaha!!!

I haven't handled the camera for a long time so apologies for the bad photos...

Here's Mr. Ibarra Deri showing us how to prperly pose models for portraiture.

Him again teaching us how to pose couples.. (this was a very awkward moment for these two)

Him showing us lighting techniques.

Handy DIY Diffuser

On set lighting techniques
Mr. Ibarra Deri showing us how to use a modified Soft Box.

Mom & me with Mr. Ibarra Deri
One of the Models, Ms. Maureen Elvy Paulo

My mom and me with Another Speaker, Mr. Jo Avila

Him showing us a sample of a food photography angle.

his shot.
 Aside from reviewing the basics, I also learned a lo from both of the speakers.

There were Four(4) Topics;
Basics of Photography,
Portraiture Photography,
Food Photography &
Speed-light Photography

This was quite an experience & my mom now has and idea of how to use her DSLR...

Well, I hope you liked this blog post! TAtaaaaa......(minion style)

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